About Me

A Toronto Real Estate Broker, focusing on Pre construction and property Investments. I assist home buyers and sellers with ground floor real estate endeavors, utilizing my entrepreneurial spiral to advance clients' short- and long-term revenue goals.

As a Real Estate Broker, I work within the Commercial and Residential property industry. I possess well-rounded experience with leasing, sales and administrative processes associated with real estate and residential properties. I am involved with many aspects of Real Estate logistics; I have in-depth insight to the needs of what my clients require, concerning the property aspect of their business

My Mantra in life is `my client’s needs come first – and my hard work and dedication, proves this every time``.

To me, real estate is as much a passion and a way of life as it is my career and this philosophy will continue to drive me forward in the years to come as I work tirelessly to provide all my clients with outstanding service.

Dependable and reliable, I enjoy working with people, and have the trust of my clients by always advising the client as to what would be in their best interest. That’s why my close attention to the details is the reason I have led the industry in offering high class quality real estate services to all my clients and is continuously setting new records through my  rapid  sales and on many occasions for well over the asking price. Not only is I am dedicated to my clients, I also care deeply about the communities and charities in which they live and work in.

I have had the privilege of serving my Toronto community for over the past 7 years, without my clients trust and respect; my success would not have been possible. 

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Working with a VIP Real Estate broker in Toronto allows you to access the Pre-Construction Projects in the initial stage. As a VIP Client, you get the advanced sale for a particular condominium project prior to any public opening in Toronto.  This means clients can save between $10,000- $25,000!  

By registering here today, you will have an opportunity to invest in a unit at the lowest price possible before it's open to the public.  This gives you Guaranteed First Access to inventory, best pick at unit levels, floor plans, lowest prices guaranteed and Platinum Access Incentives & Promotions.  

Register to reserve your unit today and ensure you are first in line to receive the promotional package, special incentives, price list, floor plans and the widest selection of suites to choose from at the lowest entry price in advance of the general public opening.

You will receive DIRECT & EARLY ACCESS to the best floor plans and pricing along with PRIORITY UNIT ALLOCATION

Access & Secured Allocation you simply cannot get by going direct.

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Audice Nasser

MBA, Broker

World Class Realty Point. Brokerage

240 Duncan Mill Road, Suite 600
North York  Ontario M3B 3S6

416-890-9882 audice@mytorontohomesale.com